You are applying for the ACER Scholarship Test at St Rita's College, Clayfield.

Please read the following information carefully before applying.

St Rita’s College Clayfield is pleased to offer aspiring young Catholic girls Scholarships and Bursaries for entry into 2019.

Our scholarships are offered to young women who can demonstrate their excellence or high potential in academic, music or sporting disciplines.

Our bursaries are offered to young women who demonstrate academic excellence and whose family without financial assistance would not otherwise be able to afford a St Rita’s College education.

Applicants should read the terms and requirements of application available on the College website prior to registering for this ACER examination and ensure they meet the minimum eligibility requirements. The College’s Scholarship and Bursary programs are means-tested. The following are mandatory eligibility requirements to gain consideration for the awarding of a St Rita’s Scholarship or Bursary.

Visit: www.stritas.qld.edu.au

• Sitting of the ACER Scholarship Examination on Saturday 20 October 2018 at St Rita’s College.
• Completion of the St Rita’s College Scholarship/Bursary Application Form and lodgement to the College with all requested accompanying material by Wednesday 3 October 2018. The Application form can be downloaded at www.stritas.qld.edu.au
• Attend an interview with the College Principal if shortlisted for a Scholarship or Bursary
• Audition (where applicable)

An application will not be considered without all requested documentation provided to the College by the due date, regardless of whether the student has sat the ACER Scholarship Examination.

Please refer any enquiries to the College Manager of Community Development, Mrs Anna Roberts at aroberts@stritas.qld.edu.au

Mrs Dale Morrow

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